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Our company has grown from a single man operation to a firm which presently employs a number of highly experienced sales associates and support staff. What started out as a simple brokerage firm now provides the highest level of assistance to property owners, investors and tenants alike with purchase and lease negotiations, investment and development opportunities, property acquisitions and dispositions, property consultation and management.

Today, Top Properties has had the distinction of successfully selling and leasing millions of square feet of industrial and commercial properties in downtown Los Angeles area and its environs. It has also earned a good reputation in property management. Guided by its philosophy that property owners¡¯ interests are best served by a property manager who ¡°thinks, decides and acts like the owner himself¡±,

Top Properties now manages assets over 1.4 million square feet valued at $150 Million.

Our company represents a wide array of clients from individual investors and small businesses to large corporations and institutions. Our agents and associates are well trained and highly skilled at guiding the clients through the complexities of lease and/or sale negotiations. Whether the transaction involves a manufacturing plant, a distribution facility, a retail space, a warehouse or vacant land, our company¡¯s in-depth market knowledge and aggressive marketing strategies assure our clients of receiving the most professional and thorough brokerage services that address the specialized needs of each client. By being one of the independents, we offer a full service corporate advantage without any of the ¡°red-tape¡± bureaucracy. As a result, we get things done quickly.

Relying on team work, state-of-the-art technology, and extensive business, legal, political and technical networks, we make things happen. Big projects, small projects, all projects. You don¡¯t have to face them alone. At Top Properties, we¡¯ve got the know-how, the people and the skills to keep you on top of every real estate challenge. In all of them, we have but one priority: ensuring that your interests are best represented.

What sets us apart is the philosophy we bring to business: a philosophy of providing our clients the best possible services while focusing on transforming their real estate goals into reality. We value long term relationships with our clients built upon trust, mutual respect and consistent outstanding performance. Our local market expertise, unparalleled service and ¡°client-for-life¡± philosophy continue to serve our clients well.

Looking for top-notch agents and top-quality services? Call Top Properties today.

Looking for top-notch agents and top-quality services? Call Top Properties today.

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